YO-HO BREWING COMPANY was established in 1996, as a subsidiary of Hoshino Resort CO., a Japanese leading resort management company.

Its establishment was soon after the removal of the law, which prohibited the production of craft beer in Japan. Until then, Japanese people didn’t have “beer culture”. Almost all beers in Japan were “Lager beer” and people rarely knew about “Ale beer”. We started brewing “Ale” with an aim of letting Japanese people know rich and various tastes of Ale.

Since then, we have been producing our ales in the town of Karuizawa, which is located in the mountainous and snowy region. Our brewery is surrounded by beautiful nature and we use natural fresh water from Mt. Asama to make our beers.
16 years have passed since the establishment of YO-HO BREWING COMPANY, and now we’ve come to be known as one of the leading Japanese craft beer breweries.

In 2010, we were awarded the “Brewery of the year” (Heavy Scale Brewery Section) by Japan Craft Beer Association. We would like to make more and more people happy by providing our tasty beers.