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Bohemia Regent

About Bohemia Regent

The heritage of Bohemia Regent is truly remarkable and entirely one-of-a-kind. It stands as one of the world’s oldest breweries that has continuously operated on the same site. Founded in 1379 in Trebon, South Bohemia, by the influential Rosenberg family, the brewery’s name, Bohemia Regent, originates from a suggestion by the house regent. Remarkably, the brewery has preserved its Renaissance-era architecture dating back to the 17th century, making it an architectural gem seamlessly integrated into the charming historic town of Trebon.

Bohemia Regent lagers, especially the Bohemia Regent 12, represent a unique and authentic South Bohemian Real Lager, boasting a delightful combination of bitterness and sweetness. The brewery achieves a flawless harmony between hops and malt, showcasing a commitment to the traditional Bohemian brewing process, which involves double mashing and an extended maturation period. For those interested in experiencing this firsthand, the brewery offers tours that are highly recommended for both beer enthusiasts and history lovers alike.

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