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Mountains Walking Brewery


Beer has been a human tradition for ten thousand years. When we engage this tradition with a beginner’s mind, it opens the gate to boundless possibilities. This is how innovation happens.

Mountains Walking begins with a deep respect for the process of brewing, in which living organisms like yeasts collaborate with our ingredients to create a harmonious and delicious beverage. The result is an endless range of potential flavors and delights.

The joy of brewing comes from watching this process very closely and discovering what each beer naturally wants to be. Brewing traditions from all over the world give us the tools we use. The farmers and the earth give us the ingredients. An open mind gives us the desire to see what might happen next.

Meanwhile, the particular terroir of Bozeman—the climate, the mountains, the water, the seasons, the air itself—also joins in to shape the beers we make. We graciously accept all this help.

You might say we take an open-range approach to brewing. We don’t want to tightly control our beers. Instead, we’d rather give them a healthy measure of freedom. It’s exciting to see what happens when the fences are taken down.

And, just as the brewery represents our commitment to a deep and respectful relationship with beer, our wood-burning hearth represents our pledge of hospitality to you, our guests.

For thousands of years, the hearth has been the center of the home. It is where friends warm themselves and share food, drink, conversation, and companionship. It is a place of great delight.

We welcome everyone to our hearth with utmost respect and affection.

Ultimately, Mountains Walking is a conversation. A conversation between the brewer and the beers. Between beer and food. Between you and us. And between beer and the world. We invite everyone to join in and to discover the boundless possibilities together.



The Bridgers, The Crazies, the Tobacco Roots, the Spanish Peaks. There are as many beers to brew as there are mountains around us.

And just as many flavors to discover, like beers made with the wild yeasts floating in the Bozeman air or barrel-fermented and aged beers. Mountains Walking is a mutual adventure as we try a new recipe and you tell us what you think.

Our goal is to make beers that pretty much couldn’t come from anywhere but Bozeman. The climate, the altitude, the native yeasts—all these things make up our terroir, which will impact our beers.

For us, brewing is a harmonious mash-up of tradition and innovation. We intend to make everything, from classic lagers to bright and hoppy IPAs to sours and mixed fermentation. As a result, you’ll find a beer for every taste.

Each visit to Mountains Walking will be a new adventure—a new conversation between you and us and beer in all its possible forms.

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