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Upland Brewing Company

Our Beer

We’ve produced quality beers over the years by challenging and refining our craft, not by appeasing trends. Discerning taste, rolled up sleeves, and upholding our uniquely progressive ideals ensures our drinkers will appreciate Upland beers as much as we do. Many of our brews are unique twists on traditional recipes, while others are creations of our own imaginations. In 2006, we traded a few cases of beer for barrels from our friends at Oliver Winery, and we haven’t stopped innovating with sour beers yet.

Each of our sour ales are barrel-aged. These blended works of art start with one of our base beers—blonde ale (Basis), Flanders Red (Crimson), or Oud Bruin style (Darken). They’re often aged on whole fruits (locally sourced when possible) and unexpected spices that make these beers truly unique.

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