Windy Hill Orchard is a family owned and operated boutique apple orchard and Hard Cider producer located in the upstate of South Carolina.

“Fritz and Catherine Gusmer grew up on apple cider in New Jersey. One Christmas after they moved to South Carolina in 1978, Fritz’ mother gave them a wooden apple cider press. The Gusmers and their children spent hours making cider.

Fritz and Catherine were searching for something they could do that would involve the entire family and allow him to stay close to home. The quest for a true apple cider doughnut finally gave them the solution. They could grow apples, press cider and make the doughnutsthey’d been craving. Windy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill was born.

As a licensed and bonded cidery we have been producing Hard Cider at our orchard since 1996. Over the past several years we have expanded our Hard Cider production to meet the demand of this rapidly growing craft beverage market. We currently produce several styles of Hard Cider that are available throughout North and South Carolina.