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Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers


Founded in 2011 by three brothers, Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler, Jack’s Abby has become a mainstay of the craft brewing scene in the Northeast and nationwide.

The Hendler brothers grew up in a family that promoted entrepreneurship and hard work. Spending summers with their grandfather and working at the family’s ice distribution company, they learned the value of committed family members and loyal employees—the foundation of which Jack’s Abby is based.

We’ve got quite the story to tell, and more in the making. Since opening, our brewery has tripled in size and is only continuing to grow. Come visit our brewery and Beer Hall & Kitchen, have a pint, some fresh wood-fired pizza, and learn more.


Over 200 years ago in Bavaria, lagers were first created by storing large casks in cool caves high in the Alps. Low temperatures slowed the fermentation—while ales normally ferment for a week, brewers were seeking fermentation times upwards of 4-6 weeks, which became known as ‘lagering.’  The result of the lagering process created a smoother, crisper, more balanced beer. This radical change in taste and thinking pushed lagers to the forefront of Bavarian beer culture, surpassing the common ale and becoming the leading beer of choice in the region, soon dominating all of Europe.

To create authentic German-style flavors, Jack’s Abby brews with traditional ingredients and techniques. The Jack’s Abby brewing team travels to Germany every year to procure German hops and malt from small family run operations in Bavaria. The brewers use old-world brewing techniques of decoction and spunding to recreate historical lagers. Jack’s Abby also brews boundary pushing styles like its flagship India Pale Lager: Hoponius Union.

Jack’s Abby is loyal to lager, brewing the finest craft lagers using the highest quality ingredients.

Drink Lager.


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