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BarrieHaus Beer

Our Story

BarrieHaus Beer Co. is a community-centered microbrewery founded on the passion of family tradition, a love of innovating, and the enjoyment of the world-class lager beer. With 150-years of brewing history, we serve unique craft lagers and ales to families and friends in a one-of-a-kind historic environment in Ybor City. In our warm rustic atmosphere, you can kick back and relax while tasting the modern interpretation of our family’s rich brewing heritage.

Where It All Began

For Jim Barrie, brewing is a family tradition that extends back centuries. In the middle of the 19th century, Jim’s great-great-great-grandfather Philip Kling, a cooper by trade, immigrated to the United States from Germany to set up a barrel shop. Upon settling in his new country, he changed careers and founded Peninsular Brewing in 1863, which was eventually renamed Ph. Kling Brewing Company.

Kling was part of a wave of German immigrants in the mid-19th century who changed local preferences from English ale to clean German-inspired lagers. Ph. Kling Brewing Company became popular in the Michigan brew scene, made headlines for transitioning beer delivery from horses to truck and opening up a second location in Flint, Michigan. Kling produced lager beers until it was forced to shut down because of Prohibition.

Philip’s daughter fell in love and married a man closely tied to the industry, great-great-grandfather Louis Schimmel. Now Louis was a different type of brewer. He founded Tivoli Brewing in 1897 where his Altes Lager beer became one of the most popular beers in Michigan, most likely due to its “aged-in, sealed-in flavor”!

During Prohibition, Tivoli operated underground and ran beers under the table. Tivoli’s Altes Lager brand was one of the few to survive prohibition with Jim’s great grandfather Hugh Martin as Vice President, and it continued to be brewed by various breweries until 1990. For Jim, brewing is more than a business and passion – it’s literally in his DNA.

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